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Costa blanca – A Beautiful Getaway



Spain has never been at the top of my list, and looking back on it I really don’t know why. I just returned from visiting the port town of Javea, which sits beautifully in the shadow of Montgo Mountain. It is a small little haven which I am now in love with. The getaway came at a rather tough time in my family, so to escape to such a picturesque location was truly magical and extremely well timed.

Like any other holiday destination there is both an old town and a new town which offers many restaurants and shops that everyone can enjoy, all of them placed perfectly along cobbled streets. Being half Venezuelan I was able to rekindle the Spanish language and enjoyed various conversations with the friendly locals and the majority also spoke English which was well suited. Their steaks were to die for (the steak restaurant, El Gaucho, was amazing!!).

The first half of the getaway was spent visiting some family members in Alicante (I didn’t get out much in those first few days) and the second week I joined my boyfriend and his family at their villa in Javea. The views from the villa were breathtaking and there was nothing better than enjoying the views while sunbathing by the pool with a huge glass of sangria. Trust me, if you had views like that you would totally forget about social media.


One morning I did stroll down to the orange fields which were blossoming, letting out this spectacular aroma, if I had my way I would still be wandering up and down through those trees. On the Wednesday we went to Moraira, another coastal town on Spain’s Costa Blanca, where we walked past all the cute boutiques, spent my money and ended up comfortably sat on the warm sand of a cute little beach named El Portet, which is right next to the marina. Apart from boutiques they had a huge market filled with food, fake brands and ceramics (got myself a lovely mug).

It truly was a magical destination, one which should be one everyone’s holiday list. The beautiful city of Valencia is only a 90 minute drive away, although sadly I didn’t make it there this year, but 2018 will definitely see me flying out to see the city and visit once more, maybe for a little longer than a week.

If you have been to Javea then I would love to hear about you experience and which restaurants you went to, etc, and if you’ve been anywhere else in Spain then I’d love to have some recommendations!