TESTING: Award winning cosmetics!

I’m testing some of Made for Life Spiezia Organic products! Are they worth it?

So as some of you may know, I recently interviews the leader of an award winning cosmetics brand, so I thought that I might try some of their products! I tried out the Made For Face Discovery set, which brings 5 products in the box.

  • Daily Radiance Facial Cleansing Balm (facial cleanser)
  • Refresh and Clarify Facial Toner (floral skin toner)
  • Daily Rejuvenating Facial Oil (rose & vanilla face oil)
  • Brightening Facial Exfoliator (rose & chamomile gentle face scrub)
  • Daily Replenish and Protect Facial Moisturising Balm. (nourishing moisturiser)

Because it’s a small set each product olds 10ml, which may not seem like a lot but trust me, it’s plenty. I’ve been using the set for a month and a half and it’s lasted me this long; you only need a tiny bit on your finger and it’ll spread easily over your face.

When I was interviewing Amanda Barlow, the managing director of Made for Life, she told me that a little bit of product would go a long way, and honestly, she wasn’t exaggerating with that comment! It really does go far, especially with the oil and balm, you only need to dab the product on your finger and presto! You’re done!

Because they’re all infused from flowers and natural ingredients, the products smell absolutely amazing!!! Applying something on your face has NEVER felt so good! Unlike the majority of other facial balms, creams, oils, and toners, you don’t get that awful chemical smell when applying it.

The oil is so easy to apply. You only need a tiny drop on your fingers, and apply starting at your chin and massaging it upwards using circular motions. So easy and smells divine! I’ve been applying some onto my lips too, and its been making both my skin and lips feel so soft! I like leaving this on through the night as its basically like a moisturiser! Normally my skin can get slightly greasy around my nose but somehow the oil has helped stop it, which is weirdly ironic!


I’ve been applying the floral skin toner by using a cotton pad, and then I softly spread the toner around my face, making sure that I definitely apply it on my T zone.


The brightening facial exfoliator is diffused with rose and chamomile, and you can really smell these ingredients when you open the small pot. I really like how you can actually see and feel the ingredients. I like to apply this on my T zone to give my that brightening look. After applying it softly make sure to rinse off using lukewarm water. I leave it on for 5 minutes just to allow the product to actually diffuse into the skin.


This cleansing balm is so nice to apply! Because the balm is quite creamy you just need to dip your finger in softly then dot it around your face and that’ll be enough to massage it all over your skin. Rinse it after with lukewarm water. Similar to the exfoliator, I like leaving it on my skin for a few minutes just to make sure it goes into my skin.


I’ve been applying this before any makeup just to make sure that my skin is protected. This product is very similar to the cleansing balm as it has the same texture so it’s also very easy to apply!

I’ve been using the products in my nighttime routine and ever since I started applying them I have been able to notice the difference in my skin; it feels so much softer and some of my acne scars have disappeared and others have reduced in redness. It honestly has given me great results that I wasn’t really expecting! I’ve never been one for caring too much about my skin because I stopped believing that products could actually work after trying something and having it fail miserably each time. However, I think that age is definitely a strong component for caring, because ever since I turned 20 I have been noticing my skin more and I have started properly taking my makeup off each night and doing my skincare routine. I understand that sometimes taking your makeup off and putting creams on, etc, can seem really annoying, especially when you’re in a ‘can’t-really-be-bothered mood’ but skincare is important, and that’s something I am beginning to truly understand now. As you grow up your skin needs more help to keep itself nice and perky so you need to start giving it the help it needs to stay healthy.

I also bought a soothing muscle balm and a skin solve balm which helps with problems like eczema. I used the muscle balm so much during one of my exams because after writing soo much my hand was aching badly so the balm did really help soothe it!

As I just mentioned, finding the right product for me has always been a stressful thing; sometimes the product would smell too chemically and make me feel sick, other times they would make my skin break out instead of helping it improve so I quickly gave up all hope. And it wasn’t until I interviewed Amanda that I changed my mind. Hearing someone talk so passionately about their product can have a huge influence on you. She talked about how natural and organic her products were and why they were so. Not only was I able to hear what she had to say but also I was lucky enough to be shown how the products are actually made. The products all go through a special process to make sure that they’re all perfectly made.

The process starts by cold pressing the herbs and flowers (crushing them softly by pestle and mortar) – this releases all the natural properties. After doing this, the crushed ingredients are placed in large jars, which helps to maintain the purity of all the organics. The oils for the infusions are then poured over the botanicals which then makes sure that the properties are intensified which is why a little really does go a long way when applying!

The ingredients stay in the jars for 28 days in order to allow full diffusion. After the blend has been done, they separate the product by hand pressing and filtering it at least 3 times in order to create the pure clean oiled infusion, and finally adding the finishing oils and ingredients to create the finished product. All the bottles, jars etc are created by recycling so its helping the planet as it’s created! It’s a win-win!

This Made for Face Discovery set costs £27.00 but you’ll get 15% off if you use the discount code FALMOUTH2017!! These are the first facial products that have honestly made a difference and I truly believe that it is worth the money! Trust me, it’s definitely worth it! They’ve got tons of other products too so why not follow the link below and see what you can find?!

Here, take a look! https://www.madeforlifeorganics.com/products/gift-shop/boxed-discover-face.


please take the time to watch and enjoy!


Hey guys! So a month ago I visited The Made for Life Organics foundation where I had the incredible opportunity of interviewing Amanda Barlow, Managing Director of Made for Life Spiezia Organics and Founder of the Made for Life Foundation Charity. They offer 100% organic skincare and wellbeing products. Because I am doing a Journalism degree at Falmouth University, I thought that this would be a great experience for future reference and Amanda was kind enough to give me the opportunity. I posted a ‘preview’ of my interview and here’s the full thing! Hope you like it!

I was so nervous on the day because this would be my first ever proper interview with someone that I didn’t know, and was professional and successful. The pressure was on. My boyfriend Rory drove me, and helped me film the interview, so having him there was helpful and very calming. Bless him.

I wanted the interview to be a monologue by Amanda, in order to give her the total focus and it shows how Amanda built the company into the brand that it is today. It shows the commitment that her and her team have towards keeping it an ethical and organic brand, the amazing collaborations they’ve had, and the relationships that she has with her team.

After the interview, Amanda and her team decided it would be a lovely idea to give buyers a discount when using the code ‘FALMOUTH2017’. This code will give you 15% off any order at checkout, so please take full advantage of this opportunity! Her products are simply divine and have beautiful textures- I’m planning to give a review on some of the products I have very soon, so keep an eye out!

Meeting Amanda and her team was very inspiring, because she knew what she wanted and strove to achieve it. That sort of dedication and commitment is extremely admirable and it left me wanting to make a difference.

Follow the link to browse through their products and if you see something you like then don’t forget to use the discount code!!! —> https://www.madeforlifeorganics.com


Preview of my interview with Amanda Barlow, Managing Director of Made for Life Spiezia Organics and Founder of the Made for Life Foundation Charity. They offer 100% organic skincare and wellbeing products.

Hey guys! I managed to get a discount code for all of you to get 15% off their award-winning products! Follow the link and use the code FALMOUTH2017 —> https://www.madeforlifeorganics.com