Hey guys! I know I haven’t been very active lately, but I’ve been very busy finishing assignments, etc. But I’ve got a few posts lined up so please be patient! So the past week and a half has seen the weather go downhill again, just when it was starting to get sunny. Typical English weather, right? So on Saturday we decided to just google beaches around Cornwall and we clicked on one of the close ones, Gwithian beach. It was only a 30 minute drive so we quickly got ready, set up the sat-nav and set off on a small local adventure. I needed the stress-free time

The drive was calming as we journeyed through the countryside to Gwithian, which sits happily opposite St. Ives and is near the town of Hayle. When we arrived we went through the little village and straight towards the beaches parking spots- there are various ones spread around, and there’s a large parking space right next to the beach so park there if you don’t fancy walking through the sand dunes! We parked right by the entrance so we were quite far away from the beach and at one point got quite lost because we couldn’t figure out where we needed to go in order to actually get down onto the beach.

Wandering through the sand dunes felt like walking through a desert, it was huge and took so long to get to the beach, but it was fun to feel slightly lost in a new place! The dunes end with cliff edges so do be careful if you visit, especially if you’re taking children along. Because the dunes are set up quite high, you get to see a birds eye view of the beach- it’s a great sight! There were ice-cream vans along the way which made the walk even more enjoyable!

The dunes and beach are entirely dog friendly, although apparently there are seasonal bans, but now and throughout summer is perfectly acceptable. We thought that the beach would be a small cute one, but we were really surprised when we got there and saw the long stretch of gorgeous golden sand. It was really a beautiful site, especially with pretty St. Ives in the background. There’s two beaches technically, that connect to one another. The long one would be perfect for summer and busy days as you don’t have to push your way through the crowd to find a great spot (it’s so long that you can sit anywhere without having to worry about space!) and there’s a smaller beach right around the cliff and rock pools. The sand was so soft and smooth, and I picked up a pocketful of seashells (little hobby of mine). Rory thinks I’m like a magpie collecting things.

We went onto the small beach as we decided we’d leave the long stretch of sand for another day and bring a picnic. I decided that I would dunk my feet in the sea for the first time in 2017. Yes, it was freezing but I got over that eventually. It felt so nice walking through the water while seeing if I could find any pretty shells. Although, I do hate the feeling of wet sand on my feet, it’s horrible!

There’s great surf for anyone wanting to hit the waves and there’s even a surf school on the beach for anyone wanting to learn. The water was a gorgeous turquoise and I can’t wait to go in when I go there in summer! If you’re wanting some tea, coffee, cakes or food then there are cafes around the area, and there’s even a cute one based right on the beach for anyone feeling peckish.

If you haven’t visited Gwithian yet and are looking for a new beach to walk on there this place is a MUST!!! It’s perfect and a stunning spot for a day out alone or with friends and family. This will definitely be a summer shot spot as you’ve got the stunning beach and setting AND St. Ives is just around the corner if you need some shopping, etc!


I’m already planning my next visit and cannot wait to dunk my feet in the sea again. I hope to see you there!

I would really appreciate it if you could suggest a beach in Cornwall that we could go visit! What is your favourite beach in Cornwall or wherever? I’d love to find out and explore!




Down To The Beach

I know I’m not the only one that wants to pop down to the beach as soon as the sun comes out from its hiding place! When I’m in Cornwall I love visiting Maenporth beach, because it’s usually a quiet sheltered cove, however I’ve only been down throughout the winter season so it’s been lonely and cosy but that probably changed as the weather gets warmer.

I mentioned this little beach briefly in my post about Falmouth. The beach is attached to Gyllyngvase beach, which you can reach by walking past the little cafe which is placed right on the sand and wander up towards the coastal path. Follow the past and it will take you to the busier beach of Gylly. Gyllyngvase beach is popular amongst students as they offer a bigger cafe/restaurant and beach shops and they even have a volleyball net set up! I’ll do a seperate post on Gyllyngvase beach soon so watch this space!!


The beach also offers a mini crazy golf course to entertain anyone up for the challenge and also has a big medium sized lake, which is home to a variety of ducks and beautiful swans.


Overall, Maenporth beach is grest for those chilled beach strolls and family moments.



A Cornish Gem

There are many gorgeous spots around Cornwall that everyone should visit at least once; Kynance Cove, also known as Mermaid Cove, should definitely be one of them! The name makes it seem so mystical!!

Since I moved to Cornwall last year I have heard so many great things about Kynance Cove so I wanted to visit it and see what all the fuss was about.

Let’s just say that I was far from being disappointed! Cornwall is known for its breathtaking coastal features so I already had high expectations; I fell in love with this Cornish gem!

To get to Kynance Cove simply drive towards Lizard, the most southernly point of British mainland, and signs will appear to give you directions. Once you arrive you’ll be charged £4 to park your car, however, as it’s the National Trust it’ll all go towards a good cause!


Before visiting, make sure to check the tide times because it can get quite dangerous as the tide comes in very quickly and as soon as the tide starts coming in, the beach starts getting tucked away. However, staff at the car park will tell you whether the tide is coming in or not. Sadly by the time we arrived they tide had begun to creep in, so we weren’t able to see the beach in all its glory but we still got some pretty great sights!

There are two routes, one that takes you directly to the beach and another one that takes you around through the moors, leading you to the beach and café.

We were lucky because the weather was so perfect- it was slightly windy but once you started walking you quickly warmed up so it was a perfect balance!

We walked through the moors and ended up at the café (there’s seating both inside and outside) and they offered a variety of food! Prices were reasonable considering it’s right by the beach and offers you fantastic views while you munch away! Although, if you don’t fancy spending money on food then you can always bring a picnic as there are plenty of spots to sit and enjoy a packed lunch.

After tucking into some lunch we explored the cove and enjoyed the sounds of the sea splashing around. When we arrived it was rather quiet but visitors quickly made their way to the cove and we were shocked to see how quickly the area had filled itself up with curious visitors! It’s not even summer yet and it’s incredibly popular!

I 100% recommend visiting this Cornish treasure, and maybe do it while it’s not summer!!

Follow the link for more information on Kynance Cove:

A Stroll Through The Gardens

As I’ve mentioned before, Falmouth is a place of wonders. Hidden a Cornish valley, Trebah Gardens offer a variety of subtropical plants and a secluded beach. I had been wanting to go to the gardens for a while now, and I am so glad that I visited! As it’s spring time, everything is blooming and the scents and colours are so beautiful!!!

When me and Rory arrived we were a little taken aback at the entry price of £10, which isn’t awful but we were expecting it to be a little cheaper. We were about to pay for our tickets when we were told that as students we would only have to pay £1.50 each! And we could get free entry if we visited again within the next week! So if you’re a student then definitely visit because you’ll get the price cut down significantly!

The gardens are beautiful, and takes more than 2 hours to walk around, which is definitely worth the money. We stopped at various points to sit and take in our surroundings. The gardens are also dog friendly so bring your pet along and enjoy a stroll.

They had a lovely koi fish pool near the water garden which was relaxing to sit around. At the very end of the garden there’s a gorgeous secluded beach which has a little ice cream shop for visitors to indulge in.

They have a restaurant at the entrance, however, it closes at 4 so be aware of the time if you visit and plan to get food; we lost track of time so we weren’t able to order any hot food but the menu sounded mediterranean. Even though they stop serving hot foot quite early on, they do continue selling sandwiches and cakes along with teas and coffees. They also have two shops: a garden centre along with a small shop which sells paintings, home decor and yummy foods.

It was such a lovely day out and one that I will definitely want to repeat in the very near future! I 100% recommend visiting and if you don’t want to waste money on food then bring your own picnic as there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy it.

Click on the link for more details on Trebah Gardens: 



I don’t know whether it’s the Cathedral or the cobbled streets, but there is something remarkably charming about the city of Truro.

The streets are aligned with shops and cafes ready to welcome anyone who is curious. Shops vary from local ones and well known brands such as Topshop, Marks and Spencer’s to more upmarket brands like The White Company and Debenhams. I was lucky to have had the perfect timing of moving to Cornwall just as a Primark was planned. Its great, two wonderful floors filled with all sorts of clothing and home decor. Words cannot describe the love I feel for Primark and their affordable clothes. Although, there is a fine line between affordable and paying a fortune. A few weeks ago I went shopping in Primark and ended up paying over £100! I returned the majority back but It’s so easy to keep chucking things in your basket because all their prices seem cheaper than other stores, but just be careful and keep adding it up; trust me, you don’t need to have a nasty shock when your paying at the till!

One of my favourite shops in Truro is called Uneeka, the shop has a bohemian style to it and I am obsessed with all their homeware and jewellery. And to top it off, theres a cafe upstairs. It’s adorable! Waterstones is also available along with its upstairs Costa. I could honestly spend my whole day in there just piling up the books I want to take home with me. I’ve already got a list of new books I want to read: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel, The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry and The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.

The Cathedral is stunning. The architecture is one that everyone should see as it is truly breathtaking. Unlike Exeter Cathedral which requires an entry cost, Truro’s Cathedral is free of charge, where there is optional donations. Filled with history, the Cathedral is a calming structure which welcomes everyone through its doors. If you visit Truro then seeing the Cathedral is a must.


PS. my posts under Assessment is to do with university work, so I apologise for any confusion!

The Best Place in Cornwall

Back in Devon I have my own little favourite spot so when I moved to Cornwall the first thing I wanted to do was find somewhere where I could go whenever I need cheering up or just want to go for a stroll, and eventually I found it.

Beautifully hidden on the outskirts of Truro and on the way to King Harry’s Ferry, Trelissick is a remarkable place full of panoramic views. There are paths that you can follow which go all around the Fal estuary and through woodlands. When I arrived at Trelissick for the first time I received this sense of calmness, and I decided that I would try to visit most weeks. It’s a great place for feeling healthier and taking in the fresh air! Walk through the gate, follow the path to the left and eventually you’ll arrive at this small pebbly beach where you can easily sit and relax for hours while watching the boats, paddle-boarders and kayakers do their thing.

What I also love about Trelissick is that it’s a place for everyone (families and dog walkers welcome!) and it makes it all the more special knowing that its a place for conservation. There are always events being held here and there’s one coming up for easter! They’ve teamed up with Cadbury in order to create a fun day for families! If you end up going to the event, keep a look out for me – I’ll be the 20 year old running around looking for chocolate eggs!

They also have places to discover, such as Trelissick House which is offering an exhibition in to the 300 years of the estate (it’s Downtown Abbey feels!), beautifully exotic gardens, an art gallery ready to welcome those art enthusiasts and if you’re feeling peckish then they have a cafe in a beautifully converted stable, which offers great food for an even better price!

As if all that wasn’t enough, they offer places to stay on their estate! Best get booking! I’m currently saving up!

It truly has become one of my favourite places to visit, its breathtaking. And I will certainly keep on going. Advice: Visit! Take a yummy picnic and wander down to the little beach or sit on top of a hill, take in those gorgeous views and enjoy your sandwich!

Here’s the link for further info:

Welcome to Falifornia!

Before attending university I had never been to Falmouth. I was actually thinking about applying to London until I visited and just hated the thought of being alone in the capital.  So when a friend recommended Falmouth University I was unaware at how much I would love living here.

The stress of leaving my parents home in Devon and driving through Cornwall towards my new home was quickly calmed because I noticed how similar it felt like home. If you’ve ever been to both Devon and Cornwall you’ll know that they’re very similar; they’re both in the countryside and have splendid beaches to enjoy!

For those who have never been to the harbour town of Falmouth (also referred to as Falifornia by the students) you don’t know what you’re missing – cute cobbled streets adorned with a variety of shops ready to please anyone! From clothing and home stores (New Look, Marks and Spencer’s, Pandora; my favourite is Willow & Stone) to local book and antique shops. They sell the cutest homeware, stationary and antiques – visit their website for an insight in to what they offer!), restaurants and cafes (endless number of pastie shops – it’s a food lovers paradise!). There’s something for everyone whether that may be art galleries, gardens, museums and historic landmarks (Pendennis Castle) and it all makes the town beautifully charming.

Falmouth also has four world-class beaches, however, I’ve only been to two so far – Gyllyngvase and Maenporth. These beaches are family friendly as they’re welcoming to watersports and have seaside cafes, and what I love the most is that they’re both next to each other; just take the public footpath and five minutes later you’re at the other beach. Its perfect if you want to do two in one!

I have fallen in love with this town and knowing that I still have plenty to discover and experience makes it all the more exciting. If you have visited Falmouth I would love to here about your experience, and any restaurants and shops that you would recommend!

If anyone wants to learn more about Falmouth and the reasons that you should visit then please click following on the link: 


Anything But Rocky

Me and my boyfriend decided to drive up to a cute little town called Rock, which sits across from the fishing port of Padstow. I’ve never been there before but as soon as it was recommended to me by my dad I knew I needed to go make a visit.  On our way to Rock it was cloudy and raining, and we considered turning back but as soon as we arrived the clouds parted and the sun came out. It became a beautiful day!

I thought the name was rather unfitting because I was expecting rocky shores but when we arrived I was surprised by the soft, fine golden sand that extends along the side of the Camel Estuary and connects all the way around to Daymar Bay. The sands were so spongy and delightful to walk on.

There’s the option of taking a foot ferry across to Padstow harbour during the day so it’s really useful if you just want to pop over for a wander; it arrives every 20 minutes. The town is small and quaint, but charming, and it is known to be one of the posh areas of Cornwall. If you keep following the road you’ll pass all the pretty villas and cosy apartments and you’ll eventually arrive at where the beaches and shops are. I’m glad we went out of season though because we could appreciate the calmness of the town and its assets without having to push through the busy crowds in order to get a nice spot on the beach.

For lunch we went to The Rock Inn, which offers lovely views alongside a fantastic affordable menu. After food, we looked in all the cute shops – they had a shop called The Beach House, which sells beach decorations and clothing and next door was Jack Wills, where I uncontrollably spent £56 on a pink crop top jumper. No regrets.


Before we left we followed a public footpath which leads around a small hill where you can take in the beautiful views and it’s a perfect picnic spot. It’s such a cute place to visit, so if you haven’t been there then I suggest that next time you wander around in Cornwall, visit the lovely town of Rock. You definitely won’t regret it! I’m 100% going back and next time I’m taking my picnic basket.